JOY Lutheran Church, Houston, Texas (TX)
Serving in love, JOY exists to connect people to Jesus and to help everyone grow closer to Him and each other.
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Moved to Serve...

"JOY is a living, growing community of Jesus' followers spreading His love."

Greeters Greeter Ministry
We love to greet everyone coming in to church on Sundays. Sometimes a hug does it the best! Contact Rosemarie Brown to be a part of this ministry.

Holy Bible Bible Ministry
Access to a Bible isn't always easy. JOY recognizes this and is dedicated to providing Bibles to those without one through various events held at JOY during the year, at the church office, and on Sundays at our worship site. If you have a need for a Bible or know someone who does, call the church office at 281-458-3231. The purchase of these Bibles is made possible largely through donations. If you would like to donate Bibles or would like to help purchase Bibles, please call the office or send an email to . All calls and emails will be directed to our Bible Ministry.

Cereal Sundays
JOY is collecting "bucks" to buy cereal for disadvantaged families. The money will support the North Channel Assistance Ministries, in the east Houston area, to help with food costs, particularly cereal. For each $1.00 JOY collects, the NCAM can purchase 12 boxes of cereal from the Houston Food Bank! So, to help families get a healthy start in the morning with a bowl of cereal, please drop your change or dollar inside the Cereal Box Receptacle on the Welcome Table and help raise "Bucks for Cereal!" Thank you very much for your support.

AniMeals Ministry
Pet food is almost a luxury for people who are poor and have pets. Some seniors actually share their own food with their pets because they can't afford to buy them their own. Thus, these seniors have less to eat to stay healthy. JOY collects pet food from people who bring it on Sundays. It, along with donated pet food from Interfaith Ministries of Houston, is then delivered right to the doors of seniors for their beloved pets. Rosemarie (Mary) Brown heads this ministry and helps distribute the food. If you would like to help this cause, call the church office at 281-458-3231 to get in touch with Mary. God bless her efforts.



Papa's Garden
Papa's Garden ministry is made up of people who are interested in plants - from beginners to seasoned gardeners. The name for the ministry relates directly to God, or "Papa", because He is the creator of our earthly garden - full of beauty, sustenance, protection, and pleasure to humans and animals alike. On Sunday mornings gardeners of all levels share their favorites, be it flowers, seeds, fruits, vegetables, trees, and even yard decorations like bird houses and feeders, some even homemade! The ministry is active all year round, particularly in the spring and fall when the growing season is at its peak. Enjoy getting your hands dirty in this ministry and watch your thumbs turn "green"!

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