The Molech Prophecy
by Thomas Phillips

The Molech Prophecy is a mystery novel with many Christian themes. Tommy Cucinelle is a former gang member who is a new Christian. His pastor asks him, because of his former association with the underworld, to investigate the disappearance of the church secretary. Tommy agrees reluctantly and soon finds him-self in over his head, but persists with the help of friends and former associates in the gang. He uncovers many disturbing things he never really wanted to. These include ties between a Wiccan cult and the local police, that Pastors are human too, and the very real pull of his old life. Throughout the book we get a glimpse of Tommy's former activities and ties with his old life.

This is a good, fast-moving story which includes the protagonist in situations he would probably like to avoid if he could, a basic mystery story with good Christian themes, an excellent study of Wiccan beliefs, and a little, believable, romance thrown in for good measure.

As Tommy gets deeper into the mystery he finds himself questioning his beliefs, and his and other's motives for his investigation. The reader is pulled along, and the questions of motives begins to play an important part in the book for the reader as well. This all combines for a satisfying ending. I think if you enjoy mysteries, this book is an agreeable way to spend an afternoon or two reading.

James Shelton
Reviewed by James Shelton