Life of Pi
by Yann Martel (novel), David Magee (screenplay)

If you haven't seen "Life of Pi" yet, get ready for an experience like none other. It is the story of a boy named Pi who, after a shipwreck on the sea, finds himself on a lifeboat alone with a wild tiger.

Without telling too much, Pi's adventure with the tiger threatens his very core. During the many months at sea, three different religions he had studied while in India help him endure the ordeal and give him strength. The relationship between Pi and the tiger is instrumental to both living beings as they face starvation, storms, and each other.

The whole story is told by a grown-up Pi to a writer and includes flashbacks of different events in his life. To see this movie is to gain wisdom and compassion. Well worth the couple hours it takes to see it.

Reviewed by Barbara Ogden