Edge of Apocalypse
by Tim LaHaye and Craig Parshall

The premise of this book is interesting, and while I have enjoyed other Tim LaHaye books, especially the Left Behind series, this is not one of them.

For about the opening third of the book the story moves along at a fairly good clip, then it gets bogged down as the authors go off on a political conspiracy theory taking pot shots at everyone from Kim Jung II, to President Obama, to the UN, and the liberals thrown in for good measure.

There is also some very heavy-handed preachiness to the story, and it is done in a manner which, to me, seems to turn off unbelievers to the Gospel message rather than draw them to our loving Savior. It also appears in the most awkward places in the story, as if the authors threw it in to move the story along when they ran out of plot mechanisms for advancing the story line.

If you want to read the book I recommend checking it out of the library prior to spending the $24.99 for it. While both Tim LaHaye and Craig Parshall are both excellent writers and story tellers, this is not one of their best efforts.

James Shelton
Reviewed by James Shelton